ClinicWest Abdominoplasty


Mostly observed in women, the abdominal sagging can be seen also in men due to excessive weight gain. Abdominal sagging, especially seen in women after pregnancy, is removed by abdominoplasty operation.

How is Abdominoplasty Performed?

An incision is made in the area between the inguinal region and the belly button. The size of this cut depends on the amount of excess skin. When the upper tissue is removed after the cut, the abdominal muscles on the lower side are repaired. In some cases, a second incision may be needed to eliminate excess skin in the upper abdomen. With the removal of excess skin, stitching process is started, and the belly button is repositioned.

Abdominal Stretching Aesthetics Overview of Treatment

Information is average data. It may vary according to our candidate patients.

Duration of operation

2 - 3 hours

Anesthesia type


Return to daily life

1 day

Operational persistence


ClinicWest Abdominoplasty

Frequently asked Questions

It can be applied to individuals who have experienced excessive weight loss or pregnancy.