ClinicWest Brachioplasty


The arm region is one of the areas directly affected by the frequent weight gain-loss. In cases of rapid and frequent weight gain-loss, sagging and wrinkling due to sagging are seen in the arm area. This sagging fats and skin layer can be removed in the arm aesthetics.

How is the treatment done?

This is a common procedure that requires general anesthesia and is performed by plastic surgeons. The surgeon, before surgery, will mark areas that will decrease during the operation. Once this is complete, you will be taken to the operating room for general anesthesia and procedure. During the procedure, an incision is made on your upper arm, followed by careful removal of the tissue to protect the underlying nerves and veins. Liposuction may be required to help with degreasing and styling.

After excess tissue is removed, the skin is closed with sutures. At the end of the procedure, compression bandages will be placed on your upper arms to prevent swelling and to assist in supporting the tissue. These bandages will be worn postoperatively until you see your plastic surgeon in the clinic, at this point they will be removed for the first time.