ClinicWest Gynecomastia


It is a breast reduction operation which can be applied in males in cases where breast tissue is larger than 2 cm. This is an operation performed for about 2 hours under general anesthesia and performed by removing excess fat tissue from the breast. People who have completed the operation can Return to daily life after resting for 1-2 days.

How is gynecomastia treatment performed?

In cases where gynecomastia is the result of excessive fat tissue, treatment with liposuction techniques is recommended. This requires the insertion of a thin hollow tube through several small incisions. Then the excess oil is drawn out through these channels. Different liposuction techniques are available. Your surgeon will decide on the most appropriate method during the examination.

Gynecomastia Overview of Treatment

Information is average data. It may vary according to our candidate patients.

Duration of operation

0 - 1 hours

Anesthesia type


Return to daily life

1 day

Operational persistence


ClinicWest Gynecomastia

Frequently asked Questions

The common belief in this issue is the imbalance between estrogen and testosterone hormones. In addition, factors such as inactivity and irregular nutrition can also cause gynecomastia.