Liposuction / Fat Removal

ClinicWest Liposuction / Fat Removal

Liposuction / Fat Removal

Liposuction is the absorption of the fat layer under the skin with the help of a vacuum device. IT is particularly suitable for people with stretched skin, without any cracking or sagging problems. In the process of fat removal, the main target is to remove the fat cells in which the fat is stored. Liposuction is not only applied to the abdomen; but also to the thigh and neck areas as well. There are no deep scar marks occurring at the end of the process.

How is Liposuction Treatment Performed?

Your surgeon will contact you prior to the procedure to verify the areas decided for liposuction. The surgeon can mark these areas before you are taken to the operating room. Liposuction is usually performed under general anesthesia, but in some cases can be performed with sedation. This will be at the discretion of your surgeon and anesthesiologist.

During surgery, the target areas are filtered with a liquid solution that helps with the removal of fat and this reduces pain and bleeding. Following the leak, the next step is to remove the fat. By using a series of metal cannulas, controlled passages are made from each target area to break the connections of the fat beneath the skin, remove the fat from these regions and contour the remaining skin and fat tissue.

Liposuction / Degreasing Overview of Operation

Information is average data. It may vary according to our candidate patients.

Duration of operation

0 - 1 hours

Anesthesia type

General / Epidural

Return to daily life

1 -2 days

Operational persistence


ClinicWest Liposuction / Fat Removal

Frequently asked Questions

It can be performed only 1 year after childbearing.