Mustache Transplantation

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Mustache Transplantation

Mustache transplantation, which is very similar to hair transplantation, is the process of transplanting hairs taken from the base of the neck into hairless areas above the lip.

How is Mustache Transplantation Performed?

Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplantation (FUE) is a harvesting technique in which individual grafts are removed from the shaved area of ​​the donor scalp. Although there is a slight wound immediately after the procedure, small red spots are usually seen in the donor area, but they disappear after a few days. The removed grafts are transplanted in the mustache area and the process is terminated.

Mustache Transplantation Overview of Treatment

Information is average data. It may vary according to our candidate patients.

Duration of operation

2 - 4 hours

Anesthesia type


Return to daily life

0 - 1 days

Operational persistence