Non-surgical Butt Lift

ClinicWest Non-surgical Butt Lift

Non-surgical Butt Lift

Every woman wants to have a nice and shaped butt. Surgical operations are not the only solution for such results. Some gel injections with improved technology have made it possible to perform butt lift aesthetics without surgery.

How is Non-surgical Butt Lift performed?

Injection of AQUA FILLING gel is one of the fastest growing non-surgical procedures in recent years.

Aqua Filling is a hydrophilic gel consisting of 98% water and 2% polyamide. The procedure is very simple and performed under local anesthesia. The gel is injected very easily using a special technique (if asymmetry is present) in the area we want to volume or correct. The patient can return home immediately. There is no scar (because the injection is done with a special needle). The result appears immediately after the intervention and continues for up to 7 years.

Non-surgical Butt Lifting Overview of Treatment

Information is average data. It may vary according to our candidate patients.

Duration of operation

45 - 60 min

Anesthesia type


Return to daily life

1 day

Operational persistence

5 - 7 years

ClinicWest Non-surgical Butt Lift

Frequently asked Questions

The injected gel retains its form and shape for 5 to 7 years.