Thigh Lift Surgery

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Thigh Lift Surgery

For the sagging of the thigh area, the only way is to remove excess fat and skin from the thigh. For this purpose, it is ensured that the scar marks are not seen by operating close to the genital area.

How is thigh lift treatment done?

Before the operation, the underbelly area is usually numbed, but in some cases general anesthesia may be needed. After a one-on-one interview with your surgeon, the surgeon can use the liposuction method. In this case, the excess fat layer is taken from the inner thigh area and then the skin process is started. After the operation, the sutures are discarded and the sutures are usually of concealed size.

Interior Leg Stretching Overview of Treatment

Information is average data. It may vary according to our candidate patients.

Duration of operation

1 - 2 hours

Anesthesia type

General or local

Return to daily life

1 - 2 days

Operational persistence


ClinicWest Thigh Lift Surgery

Frequently asked Questions

You experience some pain after the operation, but you can have a painless recovery process with pain killer medications.